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15 July 2015 @ 10:19 pm

Hello~ ^0^
Welcome to Pocky Eater's Live Journal !! :3
Look around, buddy me, or chat with me n_n.
Im open for questions and comments~ :D

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14 July 2015 @ 08:55 pm


see my claims! bwahahaha :DCollapse )

18 July 2010 @ 05:57 pm

I just watched this AMAZING breast preformance if Ice Baby + Hey Baby!! :D :D...

sorry if my uhm... blog layout sort of cuts off a bit of the video -tear tear-
07 June 2010 @ 01:54 am
Sorry i havent posted in a while D:
i totally died
but not like it matters
i dont even have any other friends who read my livejournal besides ashlee and selena LOL
but anyways if you DO,
heres my more... random updated blog
20 February 2010 @ 12:46 am
patrick chan...
well what can i say?
hes talented.
hes adorable
hes canadian,
and hes just amazing

hah (: hes so cute. watch the video there hes just adorable! :D

Way to go patrick chan!! 
we're all cheering for you (:
21 January 2010 @ 08:59 am
The untimley death of I has arrived.
Does that make sence? haha sorry, been watching too much Romeo and Juliet. Which makes me laugh because everything happens in 3 days :| which is really weird.

ANYWAYS, the reason why i said this was because I HAVE A SPANISH EXAM TODAY and im soo effed. Freaking like... i have an issue i cant study! Todays only the listening part of the whole exam. Tomorrow is the written one. Im not going on the computer today after school and ill lock myself in my sisters room to study. >: ( [mom room doesnt work cuz theres a TV].

but like... recently i got twitter to participate on the

but its quiet addicting. instead of studying i was just twittering away,... and now that i have time to study im on LJ. sigh


13 January 2010 @ 11:29 pm

Im getting a new phone and i need help picking one
Sorry its all touch phones because everything else is sort of ugly or just bad manufacturers :C

So which one do YOU think looks better?

Samsung Impact/Highlight



Please help me D: just say 1 or 2, doesnt take much time~
Much help is needed!! THANKYOUU ♥
05 January 2010 @ 10:38 pm



[15]; big bang
[55];hey! say! jump!
[7]; f.t.island
[10]; 2ne1
[8]; dbsk
[2]; other

click HERE for more :DCollapse )
01 January 2010 @ 12:43 am
happy new years!! :D
how was your new years? party?? i spent mine... partying with adults :| LOL. but it was alright.
We spent our count down looking for the remote :| LOL!... so fail D:
Well anyways... earlier in the year [last year] in the summer, i blogged about this cat allergy i had.... now i think im just allergic to animal fur D: cuz im like.... having troubles breething and have a runny nose QQ
Well anyways thats all~ tomorrow going to go shopping at Vaughn Mills with 3 of my family friends :D WOOTS
maybe ill get my purple vanss ^~^ HEHE

Man crap... i just remebered i have so much hwk and studying to do D:
29 December 2009 @ 06:26 pm
Hello~ its been a while since ive blogged.
How is everyones holiday so far? Mines been okay.. and busy

Well I'm just going to talk about how messed uptoday was.
So first thing... I was suppose to go watch Avatar with my friend but now ill just label him as 'unreliable...'
2 of his friends cancelled on him so he cancelled on me :|
which reminds me of this summer event HE planned. We were going to MickyDs and in the end, he didnt even bother to show up =_="

So hm no movie im okay with that.  But the rest of my day...
So i was sort of late for my bus so I started running. While running i saw this transit bus [thinking its the one im going to take] so im like... looking at the frton of the bus where the sign shoudl say bus 9 blahlba lh to square 1... but then there was NOTHING so iwlaike wth?! so when i was wat my stop... the bus stops there aswell so i was like o-o. er does this bus to go sq1? and the busdrive idk wut he said... i think he nodded so i was like O_o okay..........? so i just got on... hoping it was to sq1 or im scewed : |

So anyways I DID end up at sq1 :D and like... idk what i was thinking but there thsi cross walk from the terminal which leads to zellers.. so idk i just walked acrosss it then when i was on the other side... i realized i never looked to see if it was the walking guy ro the hand sign... and i just walked O_O so i was liek uhm.. oh well i didnt die...

So IN zellers i was planing to go downstairs so i saw an escalator that leads to the 1st floor so i just walked on it and hten somthign pushed me back and i realized i took a step onto the escalator that was going up D: so from the corner of my eye i saw smeone going the same way as me so i turned aroundd to see what she was doing and she stated laughing going like " LOLOLOL! i was just following where you were going!"

So anyways yea :/ my friend Helen also sprayed perfume into my eye LOLOL... but it was okay

Oh one more thing... my shoes that i was going to buy were on sale :D for 25 dollars!.... in size 8 or 10 sigh.... i should of just bought it the other 2 times i was looking at it.! GAH! and the purple ones were 70 dollars :/
I guess ill just try to find shoes when i go shopping on newyears! D:

Well bye im done.